The Service Show

"Help us make learning. made fun!"

Welcome to learning through interdiciplinary approaches! 

You have just enetered a world of learning, where you are all we acre about. With you as our primary focal point, we present you different models and takes you through our interdisciplinary view on the model.

Even better, we want you to help us create the right content for you. All you have to do, is sent us a request with the name of a model/theory you want us to go through, and we will put it at our to-do list.

Who are we?

Daniel is the expert when ot comes to talking. He is basically a talking doll, where the button is stuck. So sometimes he needs to be hepled a bit, to stop.

Beside being seriously talkative, Daniel has a degree as M.Soc. from Roskilde University Center ... and therefore he is extremely clever. 

Michael on the other hand is an expert in keeping his mouth shut, and to keep the reference ... is basically a talking doll, where the button doesn't really work. So he has to be helpled a bit in the way to get going.

Michael has a degree as M.Sc. from Copenhagen Busieness School, and because of that, he is also extremely clever, but within different areas than Daniel.


Between the two of us, we have more than twenty years of educational experiece within many different areas, including: Service Design, Experience Economy, Customer Loyalty, Marketing, Economics, Commercial Law, Organizational Theory, Leadership. 

Your Value:
Our most valuable competence is the ability to communicate our areas of expertise in an easily accessible, interdisciplinary, practically oriented and (hopefully) fun way.

Do you have ideas for us?

... or do you have any questions or comments, feel free to click the button below, and let us know.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

The Service Show 2021