Our promise to you

We are dedicated to create the highest value possible for you as a viewer - and user of our learning materials. 

Our dedication is based upon our more than twenty years of experience as professional educators in Denmark. Throughout the years our experience has taught us that some aspects are important, when it comes to learning. We will base our product on this.


In order to get an understanding of a concept, theory, model etc., it important to be able to see that it can be used in the real world. 

We do that by applying our different proffessional approaches, to give you a more holistic view and understanding of the elements we work with. 

It is our experience that it will create greater learning

Practically oriented

It is difficult to argue for a model without applying it to the real world. 

We will never bring up a model, theory or concept, which we cannot put into a real world examples. 

We will never talk about theory, just for the sake of theory.


We think it is loads of fun to produce the material that you can see on our website. That is our main motivator for doing this.

We apply our own sense of humour to the elements we produce, and it is our goal that you as a viewer both find it kind of humorous and feel our motivation in the material.


You are our most important source of input. Of course we can make awesome videos by ourselves. BUT, it is only if you tell us what you want form us, we can truly generate value for you.

Therefore we urge you to help us figuring out what you need to learn ... hit the "get in touch" right under here, and send us a request or a comment. 

"Help us make learning, made fun."

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