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Welcome to our video collection. We have divided into different subjects and playlists for your easiness.

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Experience Economy

In the late 90's, Pine and Gilmore defined the expression "The Experience Economy", and one of their most well known models is "The Four Experience Realms/Dimensions". It is a model that values the uniqueness of an experience, based on a coordinate system with the two variables: User Participation (X-axis) and Absorption/Immersion (Y-axis)

The playlist consists of six videos:
- TWO introductory videos, a quick and dirty introduction, and a slightly onger intorduction to the model.
FOUR videos where we take you through each of the realms: Entertainment, Education, Esthetics and Escapism.

The SMS model

The Service Management System model was developed by RIchard Norman in the 80's. However ot is just as relevant today, when it comes analyze a business' servicedelivery, not just within the service industry, but all kinds of services provided by any business, internal and external.

The playlist consists of six videos:
ONE introduction video, that goes through the whole model and
FIVE videos where we take you through each of the models elements; the Service Concept, the Service Delivery, the Market Segment, the Image and Culture & Philosophy of the busienss.

Value Proposition Canvas

The Value proposition Canvas is a part of Value Proposition Design is all about figuring out, how you can create value for you guests/customers as a business. The model is developed by Alexander Osterwalder et, al. and consists of two parts:

The external part, where you analyse your customer profile. The customer profile shows the jobs the customer needs done, and the pains and gains the customer have, getting the jobs done.

The internal part is what you as a business can do to use your business' value proposition to make pain relievers and gain creators to match the customers pains and gains.

Here we have only shot one video, to explain the model, so it is slightly longer. But it's definitely worth your time :)


Method is very important to the quality of a paper, an assignment, thesis ... basically all texts longer than a few pages. Method contains many different areas, however some pf the most important are how you gather data for your paper, how you chose to use the data and discussions of how valid the the data you have gathered actually is.

Focal areas are:
Are you using
quantitative or qualitative methods to collect your data and can you actually use the data ... is it actually valid and realiable.

OEB Virtual 2020

This is our presentation from the OEB 2020, which became OEB Virtua, due to the Corona virus. This is our view on creating "Proximity throuh digital technologies". 

It is "live on tape", and fankly the first time we have done done live streaming. 

Because it is a presentation at a conference, the video is longer than our usual videos, however the content is sharp as alawys :) ... have fun watching.

The Service Show 2021